Do Kids Like Thickshakes?

Posted by KEN RICHARDS on 13 November 2014

There is an extremely obvious answer to this question.  Well let's be more specific, why do kids like Shmoo so much?

Shmoo is not just flavoured milk, it is an ice cream textured thickshake which tastes great, it is also mixed and served in a Shmoo branded clear cup with domed lid and straw.  The finished drink has street cred because it is branded and looks just great.  In the dome of the cup goes squirty cream and a choice of popular toppings so owners of a Shmoo can eat and drink inside or on the street.  From a kids perspective its a great tasting fun drink that looks good also.  Shmoo can be included into children's meals, parents are keen on Shmoo because it is deemed the healthier alternative to fizzy drinks.

From the food outlet's point of view Shmoo is a drinks concept with absolutely no risk. At £327.50 for the complete starter kit, including the commercial machine, the operator will easily recoup more than his outlay and make good profit on selling the product in the starter kit.  Other advantages for the operator are the unique easy mixing system that gives no wastage of product, creates no washing up and cleaning of the machine is a three minute job at the end of the day.  The machine consumes very little power, is maintenance free, and comes with a two year replacement guarantee.

Profits are between 70% - 80% plus.  All of the branded clear cups, domed lids and straws are supplied FOC ongoing.  There are four pieces of point of sale advertising in the kit to encourage sales.  Because the drink is branded and stands out on the street people get to know where the drink originates from so the operator soon gets known as ‘The Shop that sells Shmoo'.