The benefits of point of sale displays in foodservice outlets

Posted by Andre Christley on 19 March 2014

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The effectiveness of point of sale – when combined with strong branding – is vitally important to any foodservice business

Point of sale displays should carry a strong ‘call to action’ message. Customers must be prompted to enquire more about your products or services as soon as he or she sees your point of sale display.

These pointers will help you develop successful sales.

Placement makes perfect

Placement should never be underestimated – you will only benefit when your customers see the point of sale at the right time.

For most foodservice outlets, place point of sale material on your front counters, at the front of your store, on your front windows, on your tables or on your back bars or walls. It is important your customers can read it as they wait to place their orders.


Finding a range of varied point of sale options is also important…look out for such things as posters (laminated ideally); menu boards; window stickers; counter stands; etc, and for those of you with outside space, pavement signs and blade flags are all the rage.

Make it catchy

No one likes to read boring signs. You should look out for eye-catching quotes or a stand-out design that conveys a clear message that is understood at a glance.

Work with your suppliers

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to point of sale, speak to your suppliers. They want those extra sales as much as you do.

Point of sale – helping you drive your sales