The Best Way to Start Selling Milkshakes

Posted by KEN RICHARDS on 16 April 2014

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If you are looking to add milkshakes to your menu then first of all you should consider the type of business you have and the type of milkshake you want to sell.  Of course other factors come into consideration such as budget, return on investment, staffing etc. 


With new ventures there is always a choice but in this case there are only really two paths to go down.  The system you choose is governed by the machine in which the drink is prepared be it the refrigerated milkshake machine or the traditional ‘spindle drinks mixer’.  Both have their place but which one is most suitable for your establishment; let us consider the pros and cons for both. 


Refrigerated machines are great where you have a high throughput of milkshake customers as the time it takes to make a shake is negligible, the consistency of the product is the same each time and it produces a thickshake.  The down side is the cost, typical machines start at £2,000.00, use your product in a couple of days or dispose of it, running costs, space taken up, cleaning times can be extensive and costly breakdowns all these have to be taken into consideration.     


The traditional milkshake machine has been around for years and you can simply buy one and then purchase all the other products you need to make the milkshakes and to market and promote them.  If you want a ready made starter kit with everything included but the milk then consider the Shmoo Thickshake Starter package at £327.50 which comes with machine, ingredients for 300 servings plus much more.  The advantages are the unique mix in cup system, free branded disposables which advertise your business, no wastage at all, portion control which gives consistency of product, minimal running costs and space taken up.  The down side is it is not as quick to make compared to a refrigerated machine but while it is mixing you can continue with your work while it mixes.  Your milk has to be kept cold for it to be a successful drink.