The Importance of Branding – Our story

Posted by KEN RICHARDS on 8 May 2014

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As we have all been told, branding is very important, but to what extent is it so important, are the benefits exaggerated?  This is our experience...

 I have always thought it very important and going back 17 years I decided to try to establish a new milkshake or thickshake.  One of the important decisions taken was to give the drink a name a brand image.  I called it ‘Fresh Shakes’ and the logo and cup design was quite attractive, I thought then. 

 Over the next 12 rears I changed the design slightly three times but the name remained the same.  Always looking to improve things I realised that the name had little original identity, it was not 21st century let’s say.  So It was time to change but thousands of people knew the name and if it was changed customers may be lost especially if the new name backfired, how radical should I be?

 ‘Shmoo’, the new name was radical I think you would agree.  Was it a good move or bad? Well it was very good but, as I posed earlier, how good?  Here are a few examples how effective the change was:

  1. At exhibitions people used to walk past our stand and say ‘What’s this?’ and after studying the large pictures for several seconds they would say ‘Oh it’s a milkshake’  Now, as they approach our stand they say ‘Shmoo, Shmoo’ and a few seconds later ‘Oh it’s a milkshake called Shmoo.  The important thing here they noticed the name first and said it out loud something that never happened previously
  2. After the rebrand customers would call saying ‘This new milkshake is much better than the last one’ to which I would answer ‘No its the same recipe it’s just the name that’s changed’ ‘No’ they would say ‘This one is much better’  Need I say more
  3. Over the four – five years since the change more and more people are referring to the drink by name, that’s got to be a good thing.

 There was nothing negative about making the change but, without doubt, there were many positive things.