We have put together a starter pack that reflects the needs of the school market. The pack, which includes the Dinkum Commercial Mixer, produces 480 x 12oz portions and includes recyclable branded cups and lids as well as jumbo straws.

Per portion it contains less than 5% added sugar and its ingredients match school compliance guidance in England, Scotland and Wales. Fresh milk is greater than 90% of each portion.

You can mix each portion individually meaning no mess or waste because the mixing takes place in the cup. For break times you can prepare around 20-30 minutes earlier and keep the mixed drinks refrigerated ready for serving, or you can mix on demand. The strict portion control gives you the confidence that you are producing a consistently quality thick shake.

The cost per portion including milk is around 38p and normally sells in schools for around 99p.

For replenishment Shmoo comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla Flavours, and with each tub of mix you get free all the cups lids and straws needed to serve the product included.

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