Shmoo Starter Pack (no machine)
Everything you need except for the milk!


  • 3 x 1.8kg tubs of Shmoo Ingredients, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana giving approx. 300 servings.
  • 300 clear branded Shmoo cups, lids and straws. You choose the size/s 13 floz/22 floz.
  • 3 x tubs of different toppings and 4 aerosol cans of whipped cream.
  • Point of sale advertising material including Menu Board, Counter stand, large poster and window sticker.

Starter Pack (inc. machine)

Selling price for the machine on it’s own is £320.00. Purchase it with a Shmoo starter pack for only £205.00!

So £140 + £205.00 = £345.00
(add vat to the machine cost only)

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How Much to Make a Shmoo?

13 floz = approx 40p
22 floz = approx 52p

Toppings not included

How Much can I charge?

Let’s imagine you have an average cafe on the average UK high street. From our experience you would sell a:

13floz for £1.40, 22floz for £1.95

How Much do I Make Per Drink?

Now for the maths:

Selling price: £1.40
Cost price: 40p
Your Profit:
£1.00 or 71% per drink
Selling price: £1.95
Cost price: 52p
Your Profit:
£1.43 or 75% per drink

How Much do I Take and Make
from the Starter Pack?

With 150 small cups and 150 large cups in the starter pack you would:

180 serves x £1.40 = £252.00
120 serves x £1.95 = £234.00
Your Total Take
= £486.00
180 serves x £1.00 = £180.00
120 serves x £1.43 = £171.60
You Make
= £351.60

And There’s More to be Made!

If toppings are ordered then you make an up sale. At 50p for cream and toppings you would make approx 35p per drink.

Lets say half of your customers order cream and toppings thats 150 x 35p so that means you can add £52 to your profit on a starter pack.

Profit on a Starter Pack = £360 + £52
so Total Profit is around £412.50

Don’t forget you have only paid £140 or £345.00 to get started so you are IN THE MONEY straight away.

There’s no risk with Shmoo - sell the ingredients in the starter pack to take and make more than your outlay!

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